My Parent's Job




 We received our book today - “My Daddy is a Firefighter” and it is  absolutely the cutest most heartfelt and informing children’s book. My  daughter is two and her daddy is a full time firefighter/paramedic and  it is tough for her that he is gone on long shifts. This book definitely  brought joy to our family. 

Randi- CA

 I ordered "my daddy is a firefighter" for myself and a copy for a friend  of mine who also has small kids.  I read the book, and LOVED it. I got  emotional reading it, just thinking of what all these first-responders  have to do away from home. I just love having a book for my kids to  read, explaining all about what their daddy does in such a positive  light! I love it!!!!!! 


   My 6 year old daughter was so excited to read it to our 11 month old  son.  Our daddy is a full time paramedic firefighter who works long  hours, sometimes not home for a few days.  This book is perfect for my  daughter to realize that she is not the only one who’s dad might not be  home all the time and miss out on some things.  I love that she is able  to read this book to her younger brother!  


 Wonderful books!! My twins love them, especially since their daddy is a  firefighter/paramedic. They can relate to the story line and it helps  them better understand his job! Definitely a bedtime favorite!! 

Lindsay- CT

 My children & I love “My Daddy Is A Firefighter”! It helped them to  understand and connect with what their Dads role as a firefighter  actually is. This book is cherished by our family and it truly paints a  wonderful picture of a parents role in the fire service.