My Parent's Job

Our Story


For as long as I can remember I've dreamed of writing books! As a former elementary school teacher turned full-time mom, my dream became even more important.  My husband is a career firefighter and is often gone for long stretches of time. When our son turned one and a half he began to realize that his daddy left for long periods of time and then returned, but what one and half year old truly understands the concept of time or where his daddy went? He would cry and didn't understand that Daddy was coming back soon.  We talked to him about what Daddy does; that he drives fire trucks and helps people in need, and that Daddy loves us and will be back soon. After much repetition, he started to understand.

I realized there was a problem that needed a solution. Because of this, "My Parent's Job Children's Series" was born!

The goal of My Parent's Job Children's Series is to bridge the gap faster between those difficult conversations about where mommy or daddy went for the day (and especially where professions keep parents away from their children at night) and children's understanding.  It is also a resource that can be used for families, schools, or anyone who may want to teach their children about a profession even though they may not live it.